Saturday, August 13, 2022

Ben Affleck’s son crashed a Lamborghini into BMW! What happened next?


Actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s son, Samuel crashed a Lamborghini into a BMW during the LA outing.

Samuel Affleck, 10, was out with his father and step-mom-to-be, Latin pop star Jennifer Lopez, Sunday, at 777 Exotics – a luxury car rental dealership in Los Angeles – when the incident took place.

The last born of former couple Affleck and Garner got into the driver seat of a flashy yellow Lamborghini reportedly costing a $229,495 and crashed it into a white BMW, parked right beside it. As per the reports, the engine of the vehicle was still running, resulting in the accident when Samuel put it in reverse.

After the hit, the young lad got out of the car to check if he had caused some major damage, but thankfully, no injuries were caused to anyone except for a minor dent on the car. Ben Affleck also examined the damage to the luxury car and later comforted the son.

As per the statement from an employee of the 777 Exotics, “We have a small lot and the cars are close, and when Samuel got into the car, it jerked back and forth [before the hit].” He added that “everybody was OK! They seemed happy and continued to browse.”

“Affleck loves cars… We hope they come in again,” he added further expressing ‘no hard feelings’ for the celebs.

As per the rep for Affleck, “Everyone is fine. There were no injuries and there was no damage to the car.”

It is pertinent to mention that Samuel is the only son of the ex-couple, while they have two elder daughters, Violet and Seraphina Rose.


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