Thursday, May 26, 2022

Whatsapp group admins get new powers


WhatsApp is testing a feature that will allow group chat admins to delete all messages sent from its members.

A report by WABetalnfo stated the feature comes as the social media platforms as it aims to give more control to chat group admins. 

A text reading, “This was removed by an admin” will appear when they get deleted.

The update will be rolled out in a new update version up to via Google Play Beta Program.

“When the feature is enabled, and you delete an incoming message for everyone in a group, other people will read who deleted the message, and this is what WhatsApp wants to let you know,” they stated.

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Through this update, the administrator can be moderators and will have the authority to remove members from the group also. It looks to provide additional powers to admins to control of what gets posted.


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Moreover, the messaging service is looking to add time limit to delete a message for everyone. It will be two days and 12 hours. It will also be a upcoming feature as well.

However, the company has not made not made an official statement.

Recently, an emoji-reaction feature got rolled out so that users could react to the messages. It is similar to the features which are on other social media platforms such Facebook and Instagram.

It will be called message reaction and it will allow users to react to a message using six emojis i.e. like, heart, laughing face, surprised face, thanks and sad face.


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