Saturday, August 13, 2022

Who is Hareem Shah? the TikTok star spotted at FO


Her single video inside the foreign office’s premises has created an uproar over social media and a probe is underway but many still don’t know who is this “famed TikToker” named Hareem Shah.

A number of other videos taken from her TikTok account are doing rounds on Facebook and Twitter with different claims but those who use the popular app, Hareem Shah and her friend Sundal Khattak are no strangers.

Her TikTok account has more than a million followers as of today with more than 23 million likes on the videos she posts with her friend Sundal Khattak.

So on TikTok, Hareem Shah is a celebrity and people just love her lip-sync videos. Most of her videos are on songs and funny dialogues.

Well, she has this craze of making TikTok videos with celebrities and you can also spot a number of celebrities on her long timeline.

Well, as far as her access to the foreign office is considered, she told ARY News’ show Bakhabar Savera that she entered the office like a normal visitor after a complete security check.

She also accepted that she has also visited parliament lodges during PML-N tenure and also the National Assembly building.


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