Monday, June 27, 2022

Wife, sons turn out to be ‘killers’ of Chiniot man 


CHINIOT: Police on Friday claimed to have resolved the mystery surrounding a case pertaining to disappearance of a man as his own sons and wife turned out to be his ‘killers’, ARY News reported.

Acceding to the details, a woman lodged a complaint with the police about the disappearance of his husband few days back. The police launched investigations into the case and took his sons into custody on suspicion of killing their father.

Police grilled his sons who admitted to killing their father with the help of their mother. The police, on the identification of the suspects, recovered the body of the man by digging out the courtyard of their house.

The officials said that his wife and sons killed the man over a property dispute.

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Earlier on August 19, Startling revelations had emerged during the probe of a horrific killing incident involving the death of 10 family members in Sukkur as police found that father and brothers had jointly murdered the victims over a land dispute.

Senior Superintendent of Police Sukkur had announced that other than the father, four brothers were also involved in the murder of the family members. “All five of them have admitted their role in the crime,” he had said.

The prime accused and head of the family, Abdul Wahab had said that he murdered his wife and daughter over a dispute with his brothers.



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