Sunday, August 14, 2022

Wildlife dept raids shop preparing shoes for Imran Khan with snake’s skin


PESHAWAR: The Pakistan Wildlife Department raided a shop of Peshawar which prepares shoes (chappal) from the snake’s skin.

As per details, a man belonging to Peshawar, Chacha Nooruddin, made shoes from snake’s skin to gift them to Prime Minister Imran Khan on Eid, as a show of his love for the premier.

The snake’s skin shoes have received massive promotion since then.

However, the wildlife department took notice of the incident and raided the shop while arresting one of its workers.

An official of the wildlife department impersonated as a common man and visited Nooruddin’s shop to ask for the most expensive shoes in his collection.

The shopkeeper presented a pair of shoes worth Rs, 40,000. Upon inquiring the reason behind its cost, he said these shoes are made of snake’s skin.

Following his answer, the impersonated official called the team and seized the shoes and took the worker into its custody.

The wildlife department will send the shoes to the laboratory for testing, after the reports, further action will be taken against the shop owner.



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