Weird bug in Window 11 is creating tons of empty folders

A weird bug was spotted in Microsoft Windows 11 that is causing a computer to create tons of empty folders in the system directory.

The bug was first spotted by Born City that is creating empty folders with names starting with “tw” and a .tmp extension.

The bug was also spotted in Windows 10, however, it is not too detrimental as the folders created are empty and do not occupy any space on the hard drive.

The users can check their computer systems having Windows 11 by heading to C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local for checking the empty folders with ‘tw’ and ‘.tmp’ extensions.

According to howtogeek, ProvTool.exe is apparently responsible for the weird bug as it serves as a provisioning package runtime processing tool that you can disable. However, it is not recommended since the folders it’s creating aren’t hurting anything.

Users can freely delete the folders without causing any harm, though they may come back.

In June 2021, the issue was reported by Windows 10 users and it has now made its way to the new version.


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