Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Woman brings daughter-in-law’s severed head to police station


A horrific incident in India saw a woman killing her daughter-in-law and bringing her severed head into a police station.

Indian news agency Telangana News Point reported the horrific event occured at Annamayya district of Andhra Pradesh state in India on Thursday.

The woman Subbamma severed her daughter-in-law Vasundhara’s head over her alleged affair with a different man and property dispute.

The woman shocked both police officers and locals when she brought the severed head covered in plastic. The natives said it is the first time that such an incident took place in the police station.

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The report stated that the victim was a widow with two children. Her husband had left a house and other property for her. She is said to have been having an affair with another man.

Subbamma, upset on not getting the house, planned on getting her daughter in law killed. She took Vasundhara’s husband’s brother Chandu to eliminate her.

Police found Vasundhara’s body at her house and registered a case. They arrested Subbamma and Chandu and placed them in custody.

Everyday, we see incidents in which people kill their loved ones for family or property disputes.

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Recently, A man Sariful Sheikh cut the hand of Renu Khatun and took her to a hospital for treatment. He hid the body part so the doctors could not reattach it.

The report stated the suspect first chopped off the victim’s wrists with a sharp-edged weapon. He then pressed the arms of his sleeping wife with a pillow to severe her hand.

Locals told authorities of the woman undergoing nursing training and were working as a nursing assistant at a private hospital in Durgapur town. Her husband got angry when she landed the state government job.

They added the man was unemployed and thought his spouse would leave him and his family after getting the job.


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