Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Woman butchers, cooks lover for breaking up in UAE


DUBAI: A Moroccan woman allegedly killed her lover for breaking up with her and served up his remains to Pakistani workers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), state-owned newspaper The National reports.

The woman killed her boyfriend and then chopped and cooked his remains before serving them to workers three months ago but the felony only recently came to light when a human tooth was found inside her blender.

According to police, the Moroccan woman was arrested on suspicion of killing her boyfriend of seven years after he told her he planned to marry another from their home country.

Police said she served his remains as machboos, a traditional Gulf dish of rice and meat similar to biryani, to some workers.

The crime was discovered after the man’s brother reported his sibling was missing to Al Ain Police.

Police said the brother visited the couple’s home in Al Ain to ask if the accused knew of his sibling’s whereabouts.

He said she denied knowing where he was and claimed to have kicked him out of their home. The killing took place three months ago but only came to light in recent days.

On November 13, reports on the missing man surfaced on Moroccan media quoting his brother, who said police found a human tooth inside the woman’s blender. After DNA tests confirmed the tooth belonged to the man, the woman was arrested.

During questioning, the woman described the killing of the man as a moment of ‘insanity’. She told police she wanted revenge for being dumped after seven years of financially providing for him. After cutting up his body, she asked a friend to help her dispose of the remains.

The woman used a blender to mince her former partner’s flesh then cooked it with machboos, before serving it to a group of Pakistani workers who lived nearby.

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