Monday, August 15, 2022

‘Superwoman’ who pushed dairy truck to snowy hill handed year of free milk


A “real-life superwoman” who pushed a dairy lorry onto a snow-covered hill, has been rewarded with a year of free milk supply.

Charlene Leslie, 33, was filmed earlier this week pushing up a giant Graham’s milk truck on a snow-covered street in Fife’s Cowdenbeath, a town in Scotland.

Her good work has now been rewarded with a year’s supply of free milk, according to a report.

Charlene, who works at a supermarket, was heading to some shops with her daughters, Rihanna and Hunter when she saw Graham’s lorry struggling to cross an icy road. She immediately asked her neighbour to watch her children and ran over to the road to offer help.

In a video, it can be seen that the woman pushing the HGV up the hill with one hand while it continues to snow.

Charlene, who is a mother of three has dismissed any ideas that she is a hero, simply saying that she “just wanted to help”, reports Edinburgh Live.

But the dairy company has decided her efforts are worthy of reward – and are supplying a year’s free milk.

“Although she is a real-life superwoman, for health and safety reasons we must advise others not to follow her actions. As a heartfelt thank you, Charlene and her family will receive our milk and high protein dairy products free for the rest of the year,” said the dairy company Chairman Dr Robert Graham Snr.


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