Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Woman turns daughter’s dirty sock into ‘art exhibition’


Fed up with the dirty socks strewn around the room by her 10-year-old daughter, a woman posted pictures of the same on her facebook page to give her an important lesson about cleanliness.    

In a facebook post that went viral on social media, Xep Campbell said, “On the evening of Thanksgiving when I went to bed I noticed one of Kestrel’s socks on the bathroom floor.”

Campbell said that she decided not to toss it in the hamper but instead see how long it would stay there, sort of a sociological experiment.

“Today, a week later, it remained, so I decided it must be intentional and deserved recognition as such. I made this little label hoping it would motivate her to pick it up.”

Like in any art exhibition, a label was put on the wall with her daughter’s name. The item was called “The Forgotten Sock”.

Needless to say, ‘The Forgotten Sock’ was an instant hit. Some ‘barnyard animals’ also came by and had a look at it.

Xep Campbell’s post went viral for all the right reasons. It was shared by netizens from all across the world.

For mothers anywhere, a child’s dirty clothes being all over the place is a problem that is very relatable. Campbell’s way of dealing with it became a hit amongst them.

“It’s great. I love it. Bravo to you two for breaking the boredom going on in this world,” one user said. Another user knew that this post would be massively popular, “No surprise that your brilliant kid has gone viral.”


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