Thursday, October 21, 2021

WATCH: 70-year-old woman fights off robber, saves her bag


A 70-year-old woman fought off a robber that was trying to run away with her bag as the entire episode was caught on camera.

The report has not mentioned the region where the incident took place.

According to a foreign news agency, a 22-year-old man had made a bet with his friend that he would be able to snatch the old woman’s bag.

In the 43-second clip, we see the woman walking on the road when the snatcher comes from behind and tries to steal her back.

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However, a scuffle takes place before the robber flees away from the camera.

A man is then seen chasing the robber while another tends to the old woman. She later sought medical treatment.

The snatcher was later arrested.

Social media users lauded the bravery of the woman and called her “tough”.

Earlier, a female employee of a food chain in Illinois foiled a robbery attempt at one of its outlets.

A surveillance camera footage showed that the employee, identified as Araceli Sotelo, and the culprit involved in the scuffle behind the counter and nearly going out of focus while the woman’s screams can be heard.

Sotelo then grabs hold of the robber’s gun and manage to foil the robbery attempt. herself. As the suspect was escaping, she threw his own weapon at him.

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