Thursday, August 11, 2022

WATCH: Woman found floating alive in sea two years after feared drowning  


In what appeared to be a miracle, a missing mother was found floating alive in sea two years after she lost contact with the family and disappeared.

It happened in Colombia where a woman was found floating around a mile off a beach from the town of Puerto Colombia in Atlantico.

The video of her recovery shows as to how two men, Visbal and his friend Gustavo, approach the floating woman who is almost completely unresponsive.

The video shows one them trying to divert the attention of the visibly unresponsive woman floating in the sea towards them. The woman was then lifted into the boat after a brief struggle.

The fisher then tries to have a conversation with her and give her water but the victim, who is visually upset, begins to cry and remains in an altered state as the video comes to an end.

According to reports the woman was floating in the water for about eight hours and was taken to a hospital where she arrived in a state of shock.

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She was later identified as Angelica Gaitan, 46, who was found in a very weakened state with signs of hypothermia by fisherman Rolando Visbal.

The woman’s daughter Alejandra Castiblanco who said she had not known about her mum’s whereabouts for the past two years.

While denying reports of a suicide attempt committed by her mother, she said they were raising money to bring their mother back and asked the family to take care of her till then.


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