Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Woman gets back lost laptop due to LinkedIn profile


A UK-based social media and digital marketing professional, Daisy Morris, has luckily gotten back her laptop due to the LinkedIn profile which helped a man to trace the owner of an unidentified laptop left in the London tube.

Daisy Morris had forgotten her laptop inside the train on Tuesday and walked halfway up the platform after realising that the laptop bag was not with her. The tube had already left for its next station before she manages to return to it.

The woman wrote in a LinkedIn post, “This morning I got off the tube, walked half way up the platform and realised my rucksack with my laptop in was still on the tube that had just left the platform. My entire business is run on that laptop.”

“I said a few explicit words and then cried for a bit, ran to the train conductor who told me he couldn’t get through to lost property and gave me a form and told me it might take up to 7 days to hear back.”

Morris then wrote that when she was getting ready to head to Oxford Circus for the next tube to get a new laptop, she got a call from a guy asking if her name was Daisy.

The man, Nahid, told her that he had her laptop at Shadwell station after finding her name on the laptop screen. He then googled her and found her LinkedIn profile there.

The woman wrote that a couple things have occurred to her following the incident. She added, “Human beings are incredible when they’re nice. Thank God I optimised my LinkedIn profile and had good SEO. Clearly I need to pay more attention to my surroundings. We need more people like Nahid in the world.”

woman daisy morris lost laptop london tube linkedin

Moreover, Nahid also refused to receive any repayment after she insisted to pay him back and said that it was a normal thing to do.

She shared a screenshot of her text message to Nahid for thanking him. The post generated over 29,000 reactions from people on LinkedIn to laud the generosity of Mr Nahid.


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