Saturday, October 8, 2022

Grandmother burns minor with candle wax in New Delhi


Video of a woman allegedly abusing her minor grandson by dropping burning wax on him and then punching him because he wanted to “go out” went viral and people demand her behind the bars.

A woman in New Delhi, India, purposely dropped burning wax on her grandson with and punched him repeatedly as visible in the video. The grandson whose face is blurred seems too little to even verbally express himself.

A case was later registered by New Delhi Police against the woman accused of abusing the child after the video made public.

The video brings to fore the misery and cruelty many children have to go through in their own families. It highlights how parents and elders may subject the little kids to torture and thrashing barbarically.

The woman after dropping burning wax on to the child, punches him repeatedly and then covers his face with cloth to silence him as he cries

The merciless woman can be seen clutching the hands of the child as they sit on the floor. Another woman who is apparently a family member herself is sitting next to the child least bothered by the treatment meted out on him

Other women laughed at child’s misery 

While the woman who persecuted her grandson by dropping burning hot candle wax on his hands, not once but thrice, did what she did; and then also punched the child on his head, stomach and back, what further disgusts the viewer is the callousness of other women accompanying her as they can be heard laughing and giggling.

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This lays open the case as the treatment the children go through is not a new one but a custom.  The torture did not end here, the woman could be seen putting a tissue over the child’s mouth, signalling him to stop crying.

The video was shared by several people on social media until it reached the National Commission for Women (NCW) Chief Rekha Sharma who was quick to respond to one of the tweets. Replying to a tweet posted by cricketer Sumit Kumar, Sharma inquired about the location of the incident from the user.

As per Asianet Newsable, the woman in the video is the child’s grandmother. The child is said to be 2-years-old. The child’s mother had left him under the supervision of his grandmother to take care of her newborn.


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