Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Woman caught with husband’s skeletal remains at airport


The authorities have detained a 74-year-old woman at Munich airport in Germany over carrying skeletal remains of deceased husband placed inside her bag which she wanted to bury in his native country.

The woman accompanied by her 52-year-old daughter was reportedly travelling from Greece to Armenia with the husband’s bones packed in a wooden box in the luggage during the flight, with flight stopovers in Munich and Kyiv before reaching the destination.

When questioned by the airport officials, she revealed her plan to lay her husband’s remains to rest in Armenia.

The discovery was made by the officials after examining the contents of the wooden box which was followed by customs officers, doctor and a public prosecutor summoned there for questioning.

During the police interrogations, the documents indicated that her husband had died in 2008 and was buried near their home in Thessaloniki port city of Greece.

Later, the federal authorities determined that the transfer of human remains was lawful and the public prosecutor also found no grounds for a criminal investigation.

The mother and daughter were permitted to continue on their journey, taking the bones with them.


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