Thursday, August 11, 2022

Woman spots ‘headless creature’ lurking on tree  


WARSAW: A woman spotted a mysterious “headless creature” lurking on a tree near his house in Poland.

The mysterious “headless animal” on the tree caused fear among the local residents. Meanwhile, a woman reported the unidentified creature on the tree to the Krakow Animal Welfare Society.

She told the officials that she had spotted the animal on a tree near her home. The woman said the creature was sitting on a branch and people were avoiding opening their windows, fearing that it may enter their house.

The officer asked the woman for more details about the creature. When the woman said that it wasn’t moving, he suggested that it may be a sick bird, however, she denied it, Times Now News reported.

However, when the rescue team arrived at the address provided by the woman, they met with a surprise. The creature wasn’t moving at all and had no legs or head. It turned out to be a croissant.


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