Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Woman walks her husband on leash to evade curfew rules


OTTAWA: In a bid to evade COVID-19 curfew rules, a Canadian woman  took her husband out on a leash in Sherbrooke city.

As a part of precautionary measures against the novel coronavirus, the authorities imposed a curfew between 8:00pm and 5:00 am in Quebec province. However, the curfew has certain exemptions,  essential workers are allowed to travel and people who need to walk their pets are also allowed to step out.

In an attempt to evade the curfew rules, a woman went out on a walk with her husband on a leash on King Street East in Sherbrooke. When the couple was spotted by the police, they reportedly said,” We are following the rules for pets.” The woman claimed that she was walking her “dog”.

Isabelle Gendron, of the Sherbrooke Police Department, told local newspaper La Tribune, “The couple did not collaborate with the police at all. Statements of violation of the municipal by-law were given to them. The lady affirmed that she would not pay the ticket and even that she would accumulate them. The amount of findings for recidivism can go up to $6,000.”

They were each fined over Rs 0.194 million, said the police.


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