Monday, August 15, 2022

Woman who cut homeless man’s hair marries him two years later


A woman from Mexico married a homeless man to whom she had given a haircut two years ago.

A report by UK-based news agency Mirror stated Luz Yesenia Geronimo Cerna who hailed from Nuevo San Juan in Michoacán saw Juan Mendoza Alvizar when he was washing cars outside a shop in 2009. where he was washing cars in 2009.

After seeing the man’s grimlike, she approached him and asked if he would like a makeover.

The love story is making rounds on social media platform TikTok. Her post showed pictures of the shop and him having unkempt hair and dirt on his face back then. 


The clip then shows pictures of her with her 31-year-old husband. It showed visuals of three children Larissa, Kimberly and Zazil.

Luz Yesenia Geronimo Cerna, in an interview, said it was love at first sight. The woman went on to say that her husband’s attitude drew her toward him. 

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The woman went on to say she herself was surprised by how different he looked after the makeover.

“[After cutting his hair] I was a bit surprised – it looked super good,” she said. “Our relationship was good from the beginning and was what I was looking for. 

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“And with his super good family they tell me that they love me like their daughter and that’s how they treat me.”

Juan Mendoza Alvizar is now a bricklayer and repairs mobile phones in his spare time.


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