Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Woman’s ‘aesthetic’ handwriting leaves netizens mesmerised


From childhood, we’ve always been told that good handwriting can beautify the text material and also help to impress people as much as a good handshake.

But in the current digital age, many of us do not tend to write a lot anymore and that’s precisely the reason why this woman’s incredible handwriting has left netizens delighted.

YouTuber  ‘Charm’ takes things to the next level with her lessons on different types of handwriting.

From lessons on cursive handwriting to how to write straight on a blank paper, the YouTuber has the ability to beautify words with her pen and pencil skills.

The content creator has left her followers mesmerised with her aesthetic handwriting that many say is better than calligraphy done by machines, or fonts used in writing applications. Some of her videos have collected millions of views.


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