Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Woman’s trip to buy potato chips wins her $100,000 lottery prize


A woman won $100,000 in lottery when she went to buy some gas and potato chips at a shop. 

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A foreign news agency reported that 44-year-old Marcia Finney from North California told officials that she went to her usual store to get some potato chips and gas but found it close. 

The 44-year-old went to a different store to get snacks. She said, “I wasn’t even supposed to be at that store.”

The woman bought a $25 lottery ticket and won $100,000 winner. 

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The winner, admitted to being in shock, said she had to wipe her eyes and look again and kept saying it was not real.

Marcia Finney said she would spend her winnings to find a place she could call home. She said, “I’ve been looking for somewhere to live for like two years. Now I can have a place of my own.”

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It is pertinent to mention that people win thousands and millions overnight by trying their luck at the lottery. 

A man won $100,000 lottery with a ticket he bought from a general store where he stopped due to car troubles.

The man from Missouri state in the United States told authorities he stopped at the store after his vehicle overheated. He purchased a Fun 5s scratch-off ticket.

He scratched it off and returned it to the shopkeeper for verification.

“She told me I won $100,000, and I was like, ‘Sweet mother, Jesus,'” he said. “I guess it was my day.”

The winner said he would use the winnings to get his vehicle replaced.


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