Saturday, September 18, 2021

Women empowerment- First female trainees at Hutchison Ports Pakistan to control cranes


KARACHI: For the first time in the history of Pakistan, Hutchison Ports Pakistan, the renowned foremost only deep water container handling terminal has granted licenses to female management engineer trainees namely Faryal Anwar & Umama Saleem to control remote-controlled ship to shore (STS) gantry cranes.

Faryal (aged 24) and Umama (aged 27) have recently completed their practice in the remote-controlled STS crane operations at the port.

It is to mentioned here that Faryal can maneuver remote control as well as manual crane. She said ,”The training related to crane handling is meticulous, consisting of completion of 100 hours as a spectator, the next 100 hours for practicing operations under administration, and then the final 200 hours to control and manage the machines autonomously with a back hand support only at the times of need.”

According to her it is a very exigent task, but the determination is always there which pays off.

Faryal appreciates the efforts of Hutchison Ports Pakistan, as they have provided the licenses without any gender based discrimination.

Captain Syed Rashid Jamil, the General Manager of Hutchison Ports Pakistan stated, “We are executing global shipping standards in Pakistan and we make sure that our terms and conditions persuade and shore up women empowerment. It is a milestone that  Faryal and Umama are the initial achievers in Pakistan,  to whom the licenses are granted to obtain proper training in accordance to the law and order to function cranes. We consider that these youthful women engineers are the next idols for the upcoming generations.”

According to details, Faryal has accomplished 142 hours, executed 646 supervised moves in total. Whereas Umama has completed 162 hours, achieved 516 administered moves at the rate of 29 moves per hour with a tremendous performance for an STS crane apprentice.

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