Monday, October 3, 2022

Women wearing Hijab in Egypt being denied entry at resorts and beaches


What’s surprising about that is the fact that Egypt’s population of 80 million people is comprised of an estimated 90 per cent of Muslims.

Restaurants and high-end resorts have resorted to imposing a de-facto ban on Hijab. The move has sparked outrage on social media as tweets and Facebook posts have cropped up every now and then to condemn the decision curtailing Hijab.  The ban is not reportedly new and has been in place, most prominently in the cities of Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada, which are frequented by foreigners.

Reem, a 28 year-old Hijab sporting woman, revealed to a news channel that she was refused entry into two different beaches at upscale north coast resorts, due to the fact that she wore Hijab.

“I was with my husband when I was told I cannot come in because I’m veiled. The outing was quickly cut short when the security at the door told me guests complain about the appearance of veiled women,” she added. Reem said such door-selection policies are never written.”

Another lady by the name of Sally Nashaat, a mother of two, stated that she was also denied entry into a beach club house due to the fact that she wore Hijab. She disappointingly revealed that this type of discriminatory treatment had not been meted out to her even in non-Muslim countries such as The United States.

“It feels degrading, we are in our own country and we are not happy.

“I was about to cry,” Nashaat said, “no one has the right to deprive me of entering. This never happened to me anywhere else, even in the United States.

“Some friends told me to take it off on the day, but I refused. Do I have to take it off to enjoy entry to such places?”

Rasha Azaizi, Egypt’s tourism ministry spokeswoman, had stated in a private TV show that the government had issued no such notification. She also urged people to file complains against such resorts, hotels and restaurants who impose such restrictions or bans.


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