Saturday, September 18, 2021

World marks International Dance Day today


Dance is one of the most expressive manners with which human beings can express joy, sorrow, gratitude or celebration. It is also one of the most oldest forms of entertainment which has enthralled audiences throughout the course of history. Literally speaking, dance can be defined as the synchronized movement of hands and feet. It is also accurately referred to as ‘poetry of the limbs’.

Ever since the International Dance Council, a subsidiary council of the United Nations decided to mark April 29th as the International Dance Day, the whole world follows suit. The purpose and intent behind acknowledging one whole day for dance is to recognize the various facets of the art. Also, International Dance Day sheds light on culturally diverse dances and programs, events are held to preserve these cultural traditions.

Dance has an integral and important place in Pakistan’s culture. The ancient civilization of Mohenjo Daro also used to take a keen interest in dance and also adorned it as a form of entertainment. Further evidence of these past civilizations’ infatuation with dance is obvious, keeping in mind the bronze statue of ‘The Dancing Girl’ which was unearthed from Mohenjo Daro.

Pakistanis are particularly fond of folk dance and each different region of Pakistan has its very own trademark dance, which highlights the traditional values and cultures of that respective region. Laddi and Bhangra are loved by people, who make use of these two distinct types of dance to celebrate any and every joyous occasion.

Popular dances in Balochistan are Chaap and Jhumar.


Popular dances in KPK are Kailash dance and Khattak dance, which are a necessary feature in every Pashtun wedding.

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Khattak dance

Chitrali dance

Sindh, also known as land of the Sufis, Ho Jamalo dance as well as Dhamal dance are admired by the local Sindhis. Sindhis make use of such dances in every festive occasion as well as weddings.

Dhamal dance


Ho Jamalo dance

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