Sunday, August 14, 2022

World’s longest car has a jacuzzi,mini-golf and Helipad


The world’s longest car has gotten even longer after being restored by the owner. The ‘Super Limo’ has a mini-golf, jacuzzi, TV, refrigerators and a helipad included. 

The car named ‘The American Dream’, after breaking its own 1986 Guinness World Record measures over 100ft (30.52 metres).

The magnificent car was first built in California USA in 1986 by Jay Ohrberg. At that time the car measured over 60 feet (18.28 metres).

First built in Burbank, California in 1986 by car customiser Jay Ohrberg and measured 60 feet (18.28 metres).

The new owner Micheal Dezer, who bought the car over eBay, restored the car and broke the car’s own Guinness World Record created in 1986.

The car can be fit more than 75 people and has 26 wheels, and can be driven from both ends.

To put its immense size into perspective, most cars measure between 12 to 16 feet (3.6 to 4.2 metres). The limo can be driven from both ends and fits more than 75 people

It comes with features fit for a king, including a jacuzzi, mini-golf course, helipad and even a swimming pool with a diving board


Coming into land: ‘The American Dream’ originally measured 60 feet (18.28 metres) long, rolled on 26 wheels, and had a pair of V8 engines at the front and rear. The helipad on ‘The American Dream’ super limo is pictured above

According to Daily Mail, the remaking of the car cost over $250,000 and took three years to complete.

The unique vehicle previously rented out for cinematic appearance and featured in many movies.

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