Tuesday, September 27, 2022

World's strangest robbery weapons!


No, this isn’t a scene from any comedy or action film we’re discussing here with you. These bizarre events occurred in real life! These robbers made away with cash (and sometimes got caught) and it was later discovered that they made use of ridiculous items to hold up and pocket cash! Here’s a list of these strange, harmless robbery ‘weapons’:-

1. Spoon to stir up a robbery!

A cashier at a shop in Poland was held at spoon-point; yes you heard me correctly, spoon-point by an intended robber to steal some cash! The robber eventually made away with nothing but the event, which occurred in 2009, caused quite an uproar in the media. The cashier thought a knife was held to his neck, when in reality it was just a round, silver spoon!

2. Apple pies and cash!

A robber by the name of Daniel Heggwood was arrested with wads of cash he had just robbed at a California bank. After being quizzed by the police, Heggwood revealed that he had walked into the bank with a McDonalds bag which contained two applie pies and claimed it was a bomb. The horrified staff did believe the man and handed him over all their cash and expensive items, before the police got to him!

3. The quite-visible invisible man!

As you might have guessed from the title of this robbery gone awry, this crook from Tehran was convinced by a ‘magician’ he had been made invisible. The man had even paid the ‘wizard’ around 290 pounds to make him invisible. Soon after being convinced that had happened, our ‘invisible’ robber mobbed people straight up in a bank, forcing his hands directly into their pockets! Of course, the man was outnumber, overpowered and handed over to the police, who then recorded his hapless story!

4. Ghost robbery!

People do seem scared when a robber confronts them and demands money or expensive items. Yet, this robber took the whole notion to heart when he dressed up as a ghost and tried to scare people into giving him money! However, he wasn’t able to retrieve any amount from the scared-straight people!

5. Boomerang heist!

This attempted robbery also did not yield any result as a 31 year old man tried to rob a petrol pump with a boomerang! The man was apprehended and a case for public nuisance was filed against the man. What led him to attempt a robbery at a petrol pump, and that too, with a boomerang is beyond all of us!

6. This robber wasn’t a couch potato!

Gary Deming, a 34 year old attempted to rob two shops with a potato as his sole weapon of choice! Wielding the harmless vegetable, he pretended it was a gun and stormed into the shops before a manager chased him away with a baseball bat!


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