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World’s top ten Special Forces


1. SAS, Special Air Services

SAS, Special Air Services started during World War II in United Kingdom.  It is one of the best Special Forces in UK with the primary tasks of counter-terrorism in peace and to put through special operations in wartime. SAS gained worldwide recognition in 1980 during the Iranian Embassy siege.

2. The Navy SEALs

The Navy SEALs, United States Navy’s Sea, Air and Land teams can also be traced back to World War II. The members of this special force are US’s most elite warfare combatants. The SEALs rose upto real fame after their joint operations with CIA during Vietnam War. Navy SEALs and CIA cooperation was seen in war in Afghanistan and Iraq. The famous task of finding Osama Bin Laden and his raid event were also performed by Navy SEALs and CIA in Pakistan.

3. Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta

Delta Force is the popular name of 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D) of USA. It is the best and most secretive force in US which was approved in 1997 and was a result of terrorist incidents in USA. The primary tasks of Delta Forces are counter-terrorism, national intervention operations and direct actions.

4. German Federal Police

GSG 9 is a special operation unit of German Federal Police they are the most special force of Germany. GSG 9 was established in 1972 when to 11 Israeli athletes got kidnapped in Munich during summer Olympics games. The forces played the prime role in successfully freeing the athletes. The primary tasks of GSG 9 are to deal with high profile cases of extortion, kidnapping and terrorism.

5. Jednostka Wojskowa GROM

The top 5th special force of the world is the JW GROM (Jednostka Wojskowa GROM) elite counter-terrorism unit of Poland.  GRAM stands for thunder which got activated in 1990 in response of  threats of terrorism. They are trained to perform unconventional warfare and terrorism roles.

6. Pakistan’s Special Services

Pakistan’s Special Services Group SSG ranks 6th in this list, SSG is a special operations unit of Pakistan Army which was founded in 1956. SSG is also known as Black Stork they are similar to SAS and Navy SEALs. They are known for their courage and bravery. This special force was once praised by Russian President when he said that if he had SSG forces with Russian weapons he would have conquered the world. The primary tasks of SSG are to perform unconventional warfare, counter-terrorism and personal recovery, all around defense tasks, direct actions and counter proliferation. This Special force is currently fighting on the western borders against Taliban.

7. National Gendarmerie Intervention Group

The National Gendarmerie Intervention Group GIGN is a very special force unit of French Armed Forces. GIGN was formed after Munich riots in 1972 Olympic Games.  They are specialized in dealing with extreme tasks, counter-terrorism and hostage rescue missions not only in France but all around the world.

8. EKO Cobra

EKO Cobra is Austria’s counter terrorism special tactical unit it was also formed 1978 in the result of Munich Olympic Games in 1972. This force keeps itself low profile but very highly effective on war on terror.  They are famous for hostage rescuing of Graz-Karlau Prison in 1996 and are the only special force to end a hijacking when the plane was still in the air.

9. Gruppo di Intervento Speciale

Gruppo di Intervento Speciale the GIS is an Italian special force and counter terrorism tactical unit created by Italian military force in 1978 GIS is globally known as a special force to combat the growing threats and counter proliferation.

10. Indian Navy The MARCOS

Special Forces unit of Indian Navy The MARCOS ranks 10th in this list. This unit was specially formed to train forces for amphibious warfare, direct actions and Special reconnaissance.  The MARCOS stands for Marine Commando Force.


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