Wednesday, January 26, 2022

WATCH: ‘Worst planned robbery’ caught on camera


The social media is abuzz with a video showing what people termed worst planned robbery in the history of robberies.

The robbery has become a laughing stock at the social media as the three robbers tried to escape the jewellery shop after committing a daily light dacoity.

The video shows the three men entering an ornaments shop in Harringey, London. It shows that initially a man wearing a blue jacket enters the shop and engages a female shopkeeper as two of his accomplices wait outside the shop.

As soon as the man blocks one side of the shop and asked the woman keeper to handover the jewellery items, she tried to run out from the door, only to find two of his accomplices.

The men then started taking out the jewellery items from a drawer of the shop. The robbery went smoothly uptil now but suddenly the girl pressed a panic button inside the shop alerting the police and running away to a washroom built inside the shop and locked herself.

It created a panic like situation for the robbers as they tried to escape from the door, only to find that it is locked.

The bizarre moment of the robbery begins from here when one of the robbers was able to find a press button to open the door, running away in a haste without holding the door open for his other accomplices.

The other man after some struggle was also able to find the button and ran away repeating the same mistake of not holding the door open for the last man.

The funniest part begins from here as the last man tries to exert his power to open the door but fails in his efforts.

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He then tries to attract attention from the passers-by while trying to hide in the shop. To his fortune, one passer-by came to his rescue opening the door from outside and allowing him to run free.

The entire robbery scene, which was captured on cameras of the jewellery shop, attracted laughter from social media.

The three men snatched more than £20,000 worth of gold rings and earrings and caused £5,000 worth of damage at the Ital Gold jewellery shop.

One of the accused, Andrew Elliott, 32, was later arrested after being identified from a distinctive tattoo on his neck and pleaded guilty.


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