Thursday, June 30, 2022

Yasir Hussain reveals he is getting married this year


The most frequent question actor Yasir Hussain gets asked where ever he goes is about his marriage plans. And, looks like he has finally confirmed when he is getting married.

He recently did a question and answer session with fans on Instagram. When someone asked if he is getting married in 2020, he replied “Jee Nahi, 2019 mai [No, in 2019]”

It is not certain if he really meant it or responded for the sake of it. He replied with a GIF that reads ‘cute’ when asked to give one word for rumoured girlfriend Iqra Aziz.

Interestingly, when a fan wished her desire to marry him, he told her she is late hinting that he has already found the love of his life.

The duo recently went on a trip to Thailand and the Shadi Mubarak Ho actor confirmed in ARY News’ show Har Lamha Purjosh that ‘marriage is on the cards.’


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