Wednesday, August 10, 2022

“Sehat Insaf Cards issued to 7.2 million nationals under same budget”



LAHORE: Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid on Sunday said that approximately 7.2 million nationals were issued Sehat Insaf Cards under the same budget, ARY News reported.

The provincial health minister said the journey to development is continued in accordance with the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

She detailed that each family will get free treatment facilities up to Rs7.22 million under the medical insurance cards.

Dr Rashid added that the provincial government has recruited 11,000 doctors and planned to induct 3,000 nurses.

The minister criticised previous rulers, saying that [former Punjab chief minister] Shehbaz Sharif was addictive of watching his name slabs everywhere. The previous rulers had not even accepted to receive medical treatment inside Pakistan.

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She clarified that the present government will end tradition of spending all of the provincial budget on Lahore.

Earlier on May 31, Yasmin Rashid had announced the project as a cyclical where new cards will be issued every year, 2 lac 57 thousand are being distributed in the first year.

Provincial Minister of Punjab for primary and secondary healthcare, and specialised healthcare and medical education Yasmin Rashid elaborated that the selection for eligible people would be determined by  conducting survey’s.

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The card holders will be eligible for healthcare facilities starting from medicines up till operations and surgeries.

“If a person with the ‘Sehat Insaf Card’ reaches the hospice spending money from their own pocket then the hospitals have been directed to pay the card holder a reimbursement or pay whatever the cost of his conveyance may be up till Rs.1000,” Rashid revealed.

The card holders will also have the facilities of CT scan and dialysis.

“7.2 million families from Punjab will be issued the card in the first year,” Rashid added.

In closing, Rashid also announced special issuance of the ‘Sehat Insaf card’ to the handicapped.


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