Sunday, October 24, 2021

Yayvo Launches Education E-Store: Get Set for School with Online Shopping


Yayvo’s latest venture is more noteworthy as it has the ability to simplify shopping for people of all and gender. Yayvo has finally launched the first of its kind ‘education online shopping store’ on 21st July. This new approach brings aunique and never before experienced school system into the fold of e commerce, giving new opportunities to kids of all grades and ages to become tech savvy by shopping for their school necessities online.

Purpose of E-Store: Easy & Convenient School Shopping

The targeting audience of this new ‘E-Store’ is the millions of kids who are about to start their academic year after the summer holidays and are completely out of school essentials. Now, has the online store filled to the brim with all items including uniforms, shoes, books, stationary and other school related gear and accessories that can be bought by parents, students, teachers and schools at esteemed price rates from the safety of their own residence.

Yayvo School Loyalty Program

“This is the first of its kind initiative for the education sector by the e-commerce industry in Pakistan. Yayvo will carry on introducing new and exciting initiatives for our customers and we feel that through Yayvo Education we will bring a great deal of ease and convenience to thousands of parents and students across Pakistan” said Mr. Salman Hasan – CEO, TCS ECOM.

Yayvo School Partner Loyalty Program

Yayvo is the proud launcher of an originally conceived idea of the School Partner Loyalty Program. This gives schools the chance to sign up on Yayvo’s latest thrilling school category and put their own school items, uniforms and accessories on display. Yayvo has a wide variety of uniforms from over 60 schools; purchase of this special merchandise is then available on site for their respective students who can benefit from such loyalty programs with deals and offers too amazing to comprehend.

E-Store Discounts, Vouchers &Loyalty Points

Yayvo has left no stone unturned in its quest to make this E-Store successful. Schools will gain loyalty points based on the number of students that are interested in their merchandise which can be claimed later on to cash in on great prizes. Customers on the other hand who are students of those schools can enjoy the enormous load of discounts along with vouchers.

Head on to Yayvo online shopping portal and avail of this fine opportunity!!Order online or just call 1111-YAYVO (1111-92986)to get back to school in style.

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