Wednesday, October 27, 2021

You can now expand PlayStation 5 storage with major system update


With Sony’s second major PS5 system software update now out, you can drastically increase storage and game space by up to 4TB using M.2 SSD, and with it a number of enhancements.

Thanks to the public release of the PS5 software update, players can use that SSD slot, add an M.2 SSD and be least bothered about game space for a long time.

Cashing in on this new update for your PS5 storage starts with picking a compatible SSD which Sony has already described. Sony posted a complete list of requirements.

The user interface has received a number of improvements. It is now possible to customize the Control Center by rearranging and hiding any controls that litter your screen.

Separately, now the messages can be sent to friends and Parties from the Game Base in the Control Center. With this the PS4/PS5 versions of the same game installed on your console now appear as separate items.

The Screen Reader will also gain pause and resume functionality.

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On the other hand for the PlayStation Now users, an option has been added to select for many titles between 720p and 1080p game streaming.

If you regularly stream and play games using the PS Remote Play app instead, Sony has now allowed mobile data connections to be used in case Wi-Fi isn’t available. Just keep in mind any data limits and additional charges using this feature would incur as per the plan.

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