Monday, September 27, 2021

WATCH: YouTuber gets caught telling son to ‘act like you’re crying’


A vlogger posted footage in which she was telling her son to act as if he was crying for getting a YouTube video thumbnail made.

The video sees YouTuber Jordan Cheyenne sitting in a car with her 12-year-old son. She was giving him instructions on how to show his emotions.

They shot the video, named “We are Heartbroken”, after finding out that her adopted dog may die because of an illness.

The boy is then instructed to get closer to her, before instructing him to use his hands for covering his face.

“Let them see your mouth,” she said.

However, she came under the radar after accidentally posted the unedited video on her account.

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She took down the footage as well as her YouTube and Instagram. The clip had already gone viral on social media and the users began sharing it on their feeds.

Cheyenne came under severe criticism for her behaviour. Another report mentioned that the vlogger was unfollowed by more than a thousand of her subscribers on the day the clip was posted.

Here’s what the social media had to say about her stunt.

Cheyenne apologized in a separate video where she claimed of being subjected to harassment and received death threats.

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