Sunday, September 25, 2022

After a brief hiatus, Zaid Ali comes back with a new hilarious video!


And guess what, the video clip is hilarious!

Zaid Ali is one of the most renowned Pakistani comedians nowadays. Almost all of his videos become instantly viral, due to his unique depictions and cutting edge humour. However, Zaid had been absent for quite sometime from the internet and has been posting pictures, instead of his usual hilarious videos.

From parodying nagging aunties to annoying girlfriends and broke friends, Zaid has done it all. Here, in this video, Zaid takes it further by portraying the reactions of ‘brown’ boys and girls after failing their exams. Here is the video for you to view:-

So according to Zaid, when guys fail an exam, they can always go back to polishing shoes or deriving sustenance from odd jobs. However, girls on the other hand have to tie the knot instead!


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