Sunday, August 14, 2022

WATCH: When Zubaida Tariq cooked a dish for the first time!!


Cooking expert Zubaida Tariq, who passed away on Thursday, once fondly recalled the first time she ever cooked a dish.

While giving an interview to ARY News program, she recalled making Karhi for the first time after she got married for her husband, but forgot to add a key ingredient, Dahi (curd), and the dish didn’t thicken was not made properly.

When her husband arrived and asked for dinner, she narrated the whole story and said she had thrown it away.

Both ended up going out and having Chinese food.

However, a few days later her husband’s friends were coming for dinner. She went out and bought all the food to cook for them, but was cautious not to ask anyone in Lahore for help.

Her husband’s friends were really impressed by the delicious food and could not stop complementing her. This eventually gave her the confidence to cook more.

Once year later, she was capable for cooking for over three hundred people. She said she always cooked herself at home.

Eventually she got a job based on her cooking skills. Her husband was working in a multinational company whose chairman gave her a job in their firm.

The day her husband retired, she took up the position in his company.



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