Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Zulfiqar Mirza’s group clean sweeps LB elections in Badin


As per the unofficial results, Pakistan Peoples Party has emerged as the victor in Sindh Local Bodies elections, by securing the highest number of seats. However, the party was unable to contain Zulfiqar Mirza;s clean sweep in Badin city, where his group managed to secure all 14 seats. Mirza’s victory is also a silent message for the Pakistan Peoples Party, which currently rules Sindh province.

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Zulfiqar Mirza’s backed candidates won all fourteen wards from Badin city and also managed to win three seats of the Town Committee. The PPP was able to secure only five seats from the Town Committee. Ecstatic from the win, Zulfiqar Mirza stated that his next target would be Karachi. In Badin, Zulfiqar Mirza’s supporters were overjoyed and supported the victory with zeal.





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