8 reasons why Fawad Khan is the best Khan in Bollywood!

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By Web Desk July 1, 2015 15:19

8 reasons why Fawad Khan is the best Khan in Bollywood!

1. He’s better looking than all three Khans combined!

Shah Rukh, Salman and Aamir are well past their prime, as far as age is concerned! The three reigning Khans of Bollywood are no match for Fawad’s stylish good looks and charming persona.

2. He has more years in him than Salman, Aamir and Shah Rukh

Salman, Aamir and Shah Rukh are almost 50 years old and have been acting since 20+ years. It’s time to hang up their boots and pass the torch to someone else, isn’t it? Fawad on the other hand, has a bright and lengthy future ahead of him.

3. He’s a better singer than Aamir, Salman or Shah Rukh

Salman Khan did not do a good job with the song Hangover neither did Aamir with Aati Kya Khandala. However, we all know Fawad Khan enthralled music lovers time and again with his nu metal band from Lahore, Entity Paradigm. We all know singing comes naturally to the lad from Pakistan!

4. Fawad Khan is a better actor than at least Salman and Shah Rukh

Yes, it might not be wise to compare Aamir Khan with Fawad Khan, since the Pk star is clearly in a league of his own. However, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan’s careers are riddled with forgettable movies, poor action stunts and again, overacting! Clearly, Fawad was a much convincing actor in Khoobsurat as well as his several hit drama serials. 

5. He’s made it big in Bollywood with just one flick!

Again, Salman, Shah Rukh and Aamir were able to establish themselves over a period of time with flop films or commercially hit films which did not feature their best acting. However, Fawad’s debut in Khoobsurat made him an overnight sensation in India and has earned him roles with some of Bollywood’s leading actors. This much success with only one hit film, move over boys. There’s a new Khan in B-town!

6. He does not compromise on his morals or standards

Fawad Khan has not compromised on his morals and the standards that he has set for himself. Fawad walked out of a lucrative offer and a potentially hit film, when he refused to shoot an intimate scene with Sonam Kapoor in Battle for Bittora. Fawad also refused to shoot kissing scenes with Alia Bhatt in Kapoor and Sons. Way to go lad, we’re proud of you!

7. He’s been a part of super hit dramas and movies, both!

It only adds to the fact that Fawad is a more versatile actor than the three Khans. Dramas and films are different and diverse in nature of character portrayal and filming. Fawad has conquered both domains and if that doesn’t spell versatility, I don’t know what does!

8. Fawad averts and avoid controversies

Aamir is famous for making controversial statements regarding his co-star Shah Rukh Khan. Shah Rukh has been in the spotlight for abusing security personnel at a cricketing ground. The less we talk about Salman’s legal troubles, the better. Fawad is one of the few Bollywood stars who have managed to stay away from controversies and maintained his ‘guy-next-door’ image.



Web Desk
By Web Desk July 1, 2015 15:19
  • Mohit Shukla

    He does not compromise on his morals !!!! and other khans do?? what an insulting trash article.. ur sense of morality is different from ours .it does not make us less moral than u.. Pakistan has not been able to separate religion from anything and that’s a recipe for disaster

  • aqsa masood

    Good keep it up

  • Shahjahan Khurram

    Salman Khan driving over a homeless man and killing him is not immoral? Shah Rukh Khan abusing security staff at a stadium is what, the prime example of morality? Fawad has refrained from causing cheap publicity stunts in exchange for fame. Get a reality check!

  • DawaR

    if you put aside the religion, your culture does not allow Glamour and other bold stuff

  • randhir

    if the 3 khans wanted or even if one khan wants, they can end fawad’s career in one second. This article shows immaturity and ignorance about the 3 khans and indian film industry. And yes, he made it big in bollywood? Well khoobsurat is a flop movie and he hasnt proved himself yet in bollywood. The writer should stop better stop such articles if they dont want fawad fans from india to hate him. Agar hum kisiko falak tak le jaana jaante hai toh farsh parsh le laana bhi jaante hai.

  • I support Pritam-BB8

    M a big Fawad khan fan..But comparing Fawad to Shahrukh/Salman is baseless..All above mentioned point is baseless…Shahrukh khan is King and Salman drive crazy everytime

  • I support Pritam-BB8

    And wait how can you say he is handsome than THREE KHAN’S ( Salman Khan Is The 7th Most Handsome Man In The World) ..Its just your opinion, don’t write it like IT’s CONFIRMED

  • I support Pritam-BB8

    You’ll make me start hating Fawad! Is it his PR agency..You can’t be that rude on THREE KHAN’S

  • Farah Saifi

    m a big fan of fawad……but the mentioned reasons are irrelevant………. there is no existence for such type of comparision

  • Mansi

    I am a big fawad fan, but this is completely absurd. And not needed. You don’t have to pit them like that, they are completely different leagues.

    1.1. He’s better looking than all three Khans combined!
    No, looks wise, salman tops. And shahrukh’s charisma is unbeatable. Style, yes, fawad is better. So better than all three combined,? definitely not!

    2.He has more years in him than Salman, Aamir and Shah Rukh
    Accepted, but that is not his credit, it’s more his luck.

    3. He’s a better singer than Aamir, Salman or Shah Rukh
    This is the only point I completely accept. No doubt about that. He is awesome.

    4. Fawad Khan is a better actor than at least Salman and Shah Rukh
    Salman, maybe, but not shahrukh’s and Amir.

    5. He’s made it big in Bollywood with just one flick!
    A big untrue, all the 3 Khans for that matter, made it really big with their first movie. Like really big. Amir’s debut with QSQT, salman’s debut as a lead with MPK and shahrukh’s debut with Deewana were all blockbusters, much bigger than khoobsurat. And the whole country was going ga-ga over amir and salman, not just teenage girls and middle aged aunties:) like with fawad:)

    6. He does not compromise on his morals or standards
    I think nobody does. It varies from person to person on what one’s morals and standards are. I think your moral compass and Fawad’s match, so you feel happy when he doesn’t kiss or do sex scenes on screen. One might not abject to doing bold scenes and might say ‘no’ to doing a rape scene or child molestation scene or an gritty bloody murder-torture scene. Those are morals too. Fawad in an interview said, he wanted to do the role of a Pakistani serial killer(don’t remember his name sorry) who targeted, abused and murdered pre-pubescent children. That is a super dark character. So ‘morals’ and ‘standards’ as you call them are very subjective. I just think actors shouldn’t have inhibitions, they should be like water, take the shape of container when in the container. You are not yourself when you are playing somebody else. Hats off to Amir for that. That guy is brilliant. And as an audience I wouldn’t mind if fawad kisses or get naked… He is hot….I’m Guilty!!!!:)))

    7. He’s been a part of super hit dramas and movies, both!
    Hello… Shahrukh too! Remember Fauji, Circus and idiot. He was awesome then. And Amir has satymev jayate to his credit for tv.

    8. Fawad averts and avoid controversies
    He is just 1 movie old in india guys! and hasn’t seen stardom yet. Ek baar aajaye ye sab ke sar chadti hai! I felt clear difference in his recwnt interviews compared to one’s given in his older, khoobsoorat days. he is more confident, more starlike and more authoritative. But still grounded and honest. Why not, he earned it. And about controversies, pl don’t forget the hum awards seating controversy. But can’t deny is an overall chilled out guy. But just saying, it’s too early to draw conclusion and comparisons. It’s like a kid who just finished kindergarten telling a high school guy, I’ve always been a well behaved kid in school. Bad behavior ka darr to high school mein hi hoti hain na!

    So that’s my analysis guys! Don’t pit him against the big khans too soon. Your safer bet is to think if he can take their place once they decide to get down from their thrones. Then, amongst the newer lot, Fawad is a very strong contender. Muah to Fawad!!! Love Mansi.

  • Shayan siddiqui

    v good reply to this pathetic article

  • Mohit Shukla

    yeah !! Salman khan drove over them becuse of his loose morals.. and the reason why shahrukh, salman and amir are famous is because they have done cheap publicity stunts in exchange for fame. Bravo !! i rest my case..

  • sara

    Excellent reply mansi – i almost agree to everything you said here

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