ARY anchor Iqrarul Hassan faces govt wrath for exposing poor security at Sindh Assembly

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By Web Desk May 1, 2016 12:01

ARY anchor Iqrarul Hassan faces govt wrath for exposing poor security at Sindh Assembly

Hasan, the host of popular program Sar-e-Aam, was arrested on orders of Sindh Home Minister Sohail Anwar Siyal for highlighting poor security at the assembly, but was released on bail a day after.

The program anchor entered the assembly premises Friday noon along with one of the crew members carrying a firearm, without any checking by security deployed at the building.

During the session, Iqrar asked his crew member to unveil the pistol and showed it to Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani, thus stirring up a debate in the House.


WATCH: Sting operation exposes security cover at Sindh Assembly

ARY News anchorperson Iqrar carries out a sting… by arynews

Durrani ruled that no one including journalists would be allowed to enter the assembly without undergoing security check from this point on.

His order was followed by detention of Iqrar and his team as security personnel at the Sindh Assembly encircled the anchor and took him out of the hall. He was later arrested by the police and was moved to Arambagh Police Station.









Home minister orders arrest of ARY sting operation team


Speaking in the House, Sindh Home Minister Sohail Anwar Siyal said inquiry will be conducted on the matter. He also ordered arrest of all those who conducted a sting operation in the assembly.

He constituted a committee headed by DIG South to probe the matter. The minister also suspended security in-charge of the Sindh Assembly.


‘Perfume’ bribe to enter the assembly gallery


ARY news releases the video evidence of… by arynews

One of the Sar-e-Aam team members revealed that sting operation team reached assembly building corridor and sought permission to enter the hall. The guard deployed at the entrance asked for a ‘favour’.

The team members gave two bottles of perfume and he let the team go to sit in the assembly gallery.

The guard was apparently pleased when one of the ARY team members introduced himself as Mirpurkhas resident. The security guard responded: “We will let you sit in the gallery not for just 15 minutes. But for an hour. Becauseyou belong to Mirpurkhas.”


“Sitara-e-Jurrat sought for Iqrar”

MQM leader Farooq Sattar has demanded the government to award Sitara-e-Jurrat for Iqrarul Hasan for his brave move to raise such a core issue.

He hailed Iqrar for highlighting something that government institutions could not address.

PTI Karachi leader Ali Zaidi strongly condemned arrest of Iqrarul Hasan’s arrest and demanded his immediate release. He said the SIndh government should be thankful to the anchor for raising such an important issue.

Zaidi said it was shameful that the government didnt consider improving security at the assembly and instead arrested the man who highlighted it.


Chief minister Sindh stonewalls query over arrest

In a brief interaction with media, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah said security responsibility in the assembly lied with speaker. He stonewalled queries regarding arrest of the anchor and left.

CM sindh avoids journalists’ question about… by arynews

PTI lawmaker Samar Ali Khan said it often happens when security guards ask an MPA for checking, he replies with utter disdain in demonstration of his influence. This practice should now end, he emphasised.


Privilege motion filed for ‘poor security’ at assembly

Khurram Sherzaman of PTI submitted a privilege motion at the Sindh Assembly secretariat. He said all security guards deployed at the assembly have failed to provide security to lawmakers. He said it was a big concern in view of the current law and order situation.

He requested the House members to constitute a committee to review security arrangements at the assembly building and take necessary steps for its redressal.


‘Assembly should pass resolution to praise Iqrar’

Senior political analyst Dr. Shahid Masood blasted the provincial government of Sindh for spending millions on security of ministers and parliamentarians, while neglecting the Sindh Assembly’s security.

ARY anchorperson Arshad Sharif said the assembly must pass a resolution to acknowledge initiative of Iqrar for bringing poor security issue to light.


FixIt campaigner Alamgir Khan reaches police station in support of Iqrar

FixIt campaigner Alamgir Khan lashed out at the government, saying Rs 64.4 billion budget for law and order had proved to be good for nothing.

He said feudals in Sindh are using their infleunce to suppress the common man’s voice. “I am here alone” and said he would remain there until he meet Iqrar.

“I will mobilize my team to ensure release of Iqrar and his team.”

He said a movie was created and it faced ban just because it used a word “Saeen”.

Protests against Iqrar’s detention

Scores of people gathered outside Arambagh Police station and demanded immediate release of Iqrar.

Protests against Iqrar’s detention by arynews

They said government should appreciate the move highlighting poor security at assembly. One of the protesters shouted that government lets money launder Ayyan Ali go scot-free and arrest a man who performs social responsibility as a journalist.


FIRs lodged against the anchorperson

Aram Bagh police have lodged two separate FIRs against Iqrarul Hassan with chief security officer of the Sindh Assembly and the station house officer (SHO) Aram Bagh as complainants.

The FIRs included various sections of the Pakistan Penal Code involving the possession of illegal arms, fraud and others. A large number of people have been sitting outside the police station to express solidarity with Iqrar since he was arrested on Friday afternoon.


## Twitteratis turn their guns on govt ##




Web Desk
By Web Desk May 1, 2016 12:01
  • Dr Amar Suhsi

    I strongly condemn the detention of anchor person Iqrar ul Hassan by Sindh Government. Iqrar and Ary team must be appreciated and thanked for exposing security lapse in Sindh Assembly
    Dr.Amar Suhail
    President PTI Sheffield UK

  • Naveed Channa

    Iqrar ul Hassan is in right, he intended to inform about security of Sindh Assembly that it isn’t well for ministers and mpa’s . Not to talk of arrest even Ministers and mpas should be thankful to Iqrar ul Hassan because he intended to inform them about security not to crime

  • DrAmar Suhail

    I strongly condemn the detention of anchor person Iqrar ul Hassan by Sindh Government. Iqrar and Ary team must be appreciated and thanked for exposing security lapse in Sindh Assembly

    Dr.Amar Suhail

    President PTI Sheffield UK

  • Sana Majeed

    Iqrar Bhai nd ary team we appreciate u for exposing security lapse in S.A

  • Shehliza Butt

    Iqrarul hassan you done a great job and disclose the security lapse in sindh assembly ..where is billions of budget which pass for security of assembly


    What a foolish action taken by Sindh Government. They are all losers .. Release Iqrar Immediately and take action against real culprits #WeSupportIqrar

  • Sohail

    PPP is in last breaths with incompetent members. Suhail Anwar Siyal sounds illiterate in the video and Agha Siraj is no exception. I would not expect such a decision from Speaker. Shame on PPP members

  • Khan

    Yes, that was indeed an act of bravery but under the law he committed a felony and I am pretty sure he’s gonna get prison time for this.

  • They arrested him? What the hill I heard…..Please grow up and respect him that working for opening your eyes to expose different crimes and security loopholes in Pakistan. Salute you Iqrar Ul Hassan…..

  • alisyed_zain

    Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah should immediately order the release of Iqrar ul Hassan and arrest that Police man who ordered for Iqrar arrest. He should also suspend those cops who obeyed wrongful orders.
    If it does not work PM should impose Governor’s administration and send CM and all his cabinet to home proving themsleves as the most incompetent members.

  • MohammedHasnainSiddiqui


  • mohammad

    Salam, Iqrarul Hassan has done the right thing, he done the thing which no one had the courage n Pakistan, I don’t know why these corrupt government are hiding their faces with the honesty which they have to face. Why cant these judges or the official people understand that he is right, he is trying to awaken you corrupt people to go onto the the right path, These people should be ashamed of themselves and learn a lesson from this man that he is doing you a favour. So i would request to let him go or i will come there and i will support him in any way i can and i see to it that he’s a free man,

    This is Mohammad Qayum, UK

  • nasib zehri

    اصل بات یہ نہیں ہے کہ اقرالحسن کو اس چھوٹی سی بات کیلئے بند کیا گیا مگر اقرار الحسن وہ بہادر صحافی جس نے انکے راتوں کی خوبوں گاہوں کو تباہ کردیا ہے ۔ اقرالحسن نے جو فحشی کے اڈہوان کو بے نقاب کیا ہہے اور کالے دھندوں کو ہر روز بے نقاب کرتا ہے تو ان بڑے بڑے ہاتھوں والوں نے جب دیکھا کہ ادھر تو ہ کچھ نہیں کرسکے ابھی بندوق کسی اور کے کندھے پر رکھی گئی تھی تو انہوں نے فائر کردیا ہے ۔ لیکن اقرار کو سمجھنا چائیے کہ اسکے آس پاس اسکے کچھ اپنے بھی اسکی اس بہادری سے خوش نہیں ہیں ۔ لیکن جو کام وہ ایمانداری سے کررہا ہے اسکا بدل اسکو ضرور ملے گا یہ تو آزمائش ہے ۔ بیسٹ اف لک ۔ اقرارللحسن

  • Irfan Khan

    I Rigorously condemned the shamful and undemocratic act of Government of Sindh to illegaly arrest the anchor of Sar e Aam team Syed Iqrar ul Hassan and his team member because He exposed the lapses of security inside the Sind Assembly for that all the Security officials and interior minister and other concernt responsibles should be RESIGNED and Judiciary order to Register the case against them instead of Iqrar ul Hassan.

  • aaa

    This is not bravery….he is stupid and cheap person and want to be famous for nothing….he is wasting the time people and nothing fruitful thing. He is such a shameful character…he is young and he must do something constructive…he is not doing any better to people of the country….he is just disturbing those who are somewhat working…he must be punished…In the developed world these type of nonsenses are not tolerated…but we alas are pathetic society

  • Hamza

    #IqrarulHassan we are with you. You are praised because you let yourself put in danger. Well done IQRAR

  • Guzni

    To be very honest, NO sympathy with ARY person. In fact he should have been arrested few years ago when he and his team breached airport security in security uniforms and in a police flashing car. It is non sense. He and ARY and other TV channel must obey few rules.

  • Arslan

    I stand with @iqrarulhassan

    Poor security fully exposed at #SindhAssembly

  • shujaat

    And here comes an another victim of iqrar…feel so sorry for u…from india

  • imran

    Shame on u iqrar.poor security gard dismiss frome u.SHAME iqrar.

  • Tiger

    if u got balls then be brave, if not then u know what to do

  • Ayesha

    and u r one of the cheela of sindh wadaira system stupid .
    he is a brave man n u dont talk about bravery who r u ‘aaa’

  • awais

    What sort of your business he ruined otherwise there is nothing to hate this man….

  • Not Pakistani any more

    Pakistan,s feudal lords are the one pillar of corruption. How can they tolerate someone dare exposing their weakness. It’s all sad.

  • Simple

    LOL! Poor security guard, chalo maan lia, Liken paise de kar kisi ko bhi andar bhej dia jaye?. Khala ji ka ghr hai kia? Ghalti ki saza hoti hai aur us ko sudhara bhi jata hai. Aur rizq denay wali zaat Allah ki hai. 🙂

  • Rizwan

    Guzni is right to some extent. There must be limitations as well. Though reaction of parliamentarians in sindh assembly was shameful.

  • Rizwan

    Poor security guard also hold some responsibilities. Otherwise he would not have been a security guard, not being paid. Life of poor have become miserable bcz the poor himself does not hesitate to be part of corruption and it has become very common.

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