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PTI workers brawl over Eid items

ISLAMABAD: A ruckus erupted at the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf sit-in camp after their activists entered a brawl with each other during distribution of Eid-related items among them, ARY News reported on Sunday.

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One activist was also injured in the clash and fainted. However, his condition was termed out of danger.

The activity to distribute Eid-related items, clothing in particular, among the participants was stopped shortly after the chaos erupted. No volunteers and security was deployed at the time of incident that provoked the rumpus.

It is reported that some PTI activists wanted to get Eid items first, thus leading to provocation of fight.

The sit-in management asked the fighting workers to move back to their makeshift settlements, adding items would be distributed among them in their respective shelters.

Some PTI activists also misbehaved with the media persons during the incident.

Speaking to ARY News, some PTI marchers said some unknown elements, branding them as ‘Gullu Butts’ entered their camp and deliberately caused uproar. They claimed it was a conspiracy to tarnish PTI’s public image.

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PTI workers brawl over Eid items

by Azhar Khan