‘Waar’ releases in United Kingdom today

Raza Haidery
By Raza Haidery January 17, 2014 15:27

‘Waar’ releases in United Kingdom today

LONDON: Pakistani blockbuster film Waar (to strike) will be released in cinemas across Britain today, ARY News reports.

The film is inspired by true events. It shows the Pakistani military and intelligence trying to curb the largest terror attack ever to hit the country.

Shaan Shahid, Ayesha Khan, Shamoon Abbasi, Ali Azmat, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Meesha Shafi star in the film. It was directed by Bilal Lashari and produced by Hassan Waqas.

The action packed flick is a joint venture of ARY Films and Mandviwalla Entertainment.

It was the first film in Pakistan to make business of more than $ 2 million. The budget of the film was 17 crores Pakistani rupees.

Waar was released in Dubai with huge success and the fans are eagerly awaiting its release in England as well.



Raza Haidery
By Raza Haidery January 17, 2014 15:27
  • Muhammed Mahmud Sakhi

    why there was hardly any publicity about the film in the UK??

  • MNJ

    Saw the film in High Wycombe – excellent ! Definitely the BEST Pakistani movie I have ever seen. Yes, some of the lines are cheesy and the American accents a bit annoying but overall the movie is what the modern Pakistani generation needs; no stupid song and dance routines, no constant looking into the camera whilst sticking out the chest and at last no STUPID fake wigs and taches.

  • ye movie pak me kab release hogi agar hogaey ha to download kaha say hogi plz…. hlp me

  • Patriot

    Sir you are an educated person preaching to an illiterate and demented society which elects politicians like itself.
    The educated and enlightened are hostages to these animal and will remain so as long as this broken “democracy” keeps being practiced.
    As they say, democracy without education is hypocrisy without limitation.

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