Wednesday, August 17, 2022

12 schools burnt down in Gilgit Baltistan


DIAMER: In a ghastly incident, at least a dozen schools in Diamer district of Gilgit-Baltistan region, were burnt down overnight.

Reports quote Superintendent Police (SP) Diamer Roy Ajmal as saying the residents informed the police about the incident in which around 12 schools were set on fire overnight, and half of them were girls-only.

Police are yet to give details of the incident, and said they were investigating it.

Schools burnt down Gilgit Baltistan

According to reports, the schools that were burnt down include Girls Primary School located in Ronay, Chilas; Girls School Takya; Social Action Programme (SAP) Primary School in Hudur area; Primary School in Tabor village of Darel Valley; SAP Primary School in Tabor, Darel; Girls Primary School Sheegay Manikal, Darel Valley; Girls Primary School Galee Bala, Tangir Valley; Primary School Galee Bala, Tangir Valley;  Girls Primary School Khanbary; Girls Primary School Gyal Village.

The district administration is of the view that schools [that were found burnt] were under-construction.


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