Thursday, August 5, 2021

Abdul Sattar Edhi honored with life-size statue in Quetta


Renowned humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi, who passed away in 2016, has been given a fitting tribute in the form of a life-size sculpture that was put up in Quetta this week.

Anthropologist Sikandar Ali Hullio shared pictures of the towering statue at Edhi Chowk, Quetta, on June 16, saying, “This kind of tribute is very inspiring as it breaks the taboo of not to sculpt and place such masterpieces, in public.”

According to Hullio, the 16.5 feet tall sculpture was crafted by Ishaq Lehri, who first shared pictures of the completed statue on his Twitter in April.

Finally, months-long work over the finest ever lifesize statue of Abdul Sattar Edhi is completed by brilliant sculptor @Ishaqlehri7; fixed at Edhi Chowk Quetta, Balochistan,” announced Hullio. 

Abdul Sattar Edhi is considered one of the biggest humanitarian heroes of the world. He opened his first clinic in 1951 and his Edhi Foundation grew to be Pakistan’s largest welfare organization, running schools, hospitals, and ambulance services across the country and worldwide.

He passed away in Karachi after a prolonged illness in 2016.

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