Thursday, January 27, 2022

Aged woman dragged, beaten up on Sialkot street   


SIALKOT: An aged woman was dragged and beaten up openly on a road in yet another inhumane act reported from Sialkot city of the Punjab province.

According to details, the unfortunate incident which was captured on camera occurred over a land dispute.

The viral video showed a man dragging an aged woman with her hair on the street and torturing her. It also emerged that other than the man, two women were also involved in beating up the aged woman with shoes.

The women later also used rods to beat her. No one in the crowd stopped the attackers from beating a woman and continued to film the horrific act.

This is not the first time that such incidents of torture have occurred in Sialkot as previously a factory manager who was also a Sri Lankan national was, tortured to death and later set ablaze by an enraged mob in the city.

The murder of Priyatha Kumara drew a much-needed response to the horrific act, with nearly 85 people, all of them workers of the factory, booked in the murder case and their case being proceeded before the court of law.

Moreover, years back, two young brothers suspected of being dacoit have been tortured to death in a similar way after a mob beat them up and later hanged them in the city square.


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