Saturday, August 13, 2022

Ahsan Khan donates blood to those in need, impresses fans


Ahsan Khan stepped up to fulfil a humanitarian duty this week, showing up at the Fatimid Foundation in Karachi to donate blood for those in need.

Khan took to Instagram to share pictures from the day with a special message of encouragement for others to also donate blood if they are able. “Countless lives are saved every day due to generous donors who give of their own blood for the benefit of others,” he pointed out in his caption.

“Life is precious and so is being a life-saver! You have the most precious resource of all: the ability to save a life by donating blood,” he said, adding that people should help share their invaluable gift with those in need.


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The actor was given a warm welcome by the staff present at the Foundation as well by patients admitted there, who posed for pictures with Ahsan Khan. A banner welcoming him as a “TV and Film Super Star” was also put up at the facility.


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Film star Resham was also present at Fatimid Foundation and shared videos from her time there, urging people to donate blood. It appeared as though the two also gave out care baskets filled with fruits to those present at the hospital.

Here’s hoping that Resham and Ahsan Khan’s good deed inspires many others to donate blood in order to help save more lives.


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