Thursday, August 11, 2022

World’s first indoor drone can look after your entire home


The world’s first indoor drone, Aire, claims to solve all security issues of your home with its different features.

This can fly, hover and show you all its surrounding by rotating 360 degree, so you can see what’s really going on in your home while you are away, keeping your loved ones and your property safe.

The drone alerts you when it detects or hears anything unforeseen with its 360-degree sensors. You can launch Aire from the app in your cell phone to see all around to find if it is a false alarm or you really need to call the police. While in other home monitoring devices you do not know what’s really happening.

Aire avoids physical contact with objects with its 360-degree obstacle avoidance sensors.

Some prominent functions of Aire are:

  • Protect Your Entire Home – A vigilant 24/7 watchdog with motion detection when docked, and a fully mobile camera when in flight, Aire is an all-in-one home monitoring and security solution.
  • Visit Family Virtually – Aire is telepresence. Whether it’s checking in on elderly parents, your pets or just to visit the kids when you’re away for work, Aire lets you be there with your family.
  • Elevate Your Smart Home – As an extensible flying robot platform with over-the-air updating, Aire can be used for telepresence, taking photos or enhancing your smart home with IFTTT and developer APIs.


This is also beneficial for families with independent elderly living alone or real estate agents to provide remote virtual home tours.



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