Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Alec Baldwin pulled trigger of gun that killed cinematographer: FBI


America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) held actor Alec Baldwin responsible for pulling the trigger of the gun that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

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Halyna Hutchins got accidentally shot by Alec Baldwin when the two were working on the film Rust last year. The Friends star has always denied the accusations against him.

The probe concluded agency the weapon, whose hammer was in half-cock and quarter positions, can not go off without the trigger being physically pulled.

The New Mexico Office of the Medical Investigator reviewed the findings while another post-mortem report termed her death as an “accident”.

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“Review of available law enforcement reports showed no compelling demonstration that the firearm was intentionally loaded with live ammunition on set,” the report stated. 

It added, “Based on all available information, including the absence of obvious intent to cause harm or death, the manner of death is best classified as accident.”

Alec Baldwin believed the weapon, that he was going to use for shooting the scene, was an unloaded “cold gun”.

The celebrity, in an interview with a foreign news agency, said he would go to any lengths to undo what happened” but would not feel guilty as someone else was responsible.


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