Monday, September 26, 2022

The truth is out in ‘Dunk’


Viewers of hugely successful ARY Digital play ‘Dunk‘ finally came to know what happened between Amal and Professor Humayun on the day she accused him of sexual harassment.

The episode 7 of the play was nothing short of a roller-coaster ride for the viewers as they also finally understood the reason behind Haider’s behaviour besides getting to know the conversation between Amal (played by Sana Javed) and Professor Humayun (Noman Ijaz) the day he committed suicide.

As Haider’s sudden change in behaviour towards his fiancee Amal and then his decision to attend the funeral of Professor Humayun after he commits suicide kept viewers perplexed through the whole episode, the answer lied there in the last few minutes wherein they got to know what happened between the professor and the accuser Amal.

They (the viewers) were not the only ones finally hearing their conversation outside the meeting room where Professor Humayun appeared for the last time, Haider (played by Bilal Abbas Khan), also overheard Amal’s confession.

A huge number of social media users reacted to what happened in the latest episode making #Dunk one of the top trends on Twitter.

There were all sorts of reactions from people praising how the play is pushing boundaries to making guesses what Haider might do now that he knows the truth.

The episode 8 teaser had many fans commenting that Haider might not marry Amal now that he knows she is the real culprit.


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