Sunday, September 19, 2021

Watch! Astronaut explains fun impact of microgravity on suspended honey


If you are interested in knowing how different objects with varying mass property behave in space when poured out of a bottle or left levitated, all you need to do is go to YouTube and find the right sources.

Be reminded that not all solid and liquid objects behave alike when in the space. The same way, just think of what would it be like to open a honey container?

An astronaut has done just this and have relayed his experience on the video that he shared on a YouTube channel. A weird way honey moves in the space’s zero-gravity.

David Saint-Jacques, an astronaut from the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), shared the clip online.

“I’ll show you the strange behaviour of honey in zero-g,” says David, before he starts unscrewing the lid of the honey container.

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Astronaut shows the bizarre way honey behaves in space when the lid is open and far away from the brim. The honey starts to stretch but doesn’t break.

A few moments into it, David wiggles the stretched honey around and even spins the lit to create a honey spiral.

“Strange things happen when you remove gravity,” David says in the end.

CSA shared the clip on YouTube by in 2019. It’s now garnered over 49 million views and almost 60k comments.

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