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Monday, May 20, 2024
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Another child rape scandal reported in Kasur


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KASUR: Another child rape scandal has been revealed in the Kasur district of Punjab, ARY News reported on Saturday.

As per details, the child rape scandal was reported in Pattoki, a city in the Kasur district of Punjab, where an unidentified accused has been sexually assaulting minor girls. The residents of the area held a protest demonstration against the increasing number of rape cases in Pattoki and blocked the road after burning the tires.

The protestors said the accused who is still at large has been raping minor girls in the area after taking them to the empty places under pretext. They added that six rape cases have been reported in a month, whereas only two of them have been registered.

Meanwhile, the police have said that they are investing the matter with the help of CCTV footage.

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Earlier in 2015, child sexual abuse scandal was reported in Hussain Khanwala village in Kasur District, Punjab.

After the discovery of hundreds of child pornography video clips it was estimated that 280 to 300 children, most of them male, were victims of sexual abuse.

The scandal involved an organized crime ring that sold child pornography to porn sites, and blackmailed and extorted relatives of the victims.

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