Wednesday, January 19, 2022

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Arij Fatyma outshines all in ‘Ishq Parast’


Arij Fatyma with her effortless portrayal of an orphaned girl treated as a friend and responsibility by her brother Zohaib (played by Jibran Syed) is surprising and amusing for all the viewers.

Arij is playing the spontaneous and witty Arsala who is bent upon marrying her brother to every second girl she meets and does it in the funniest of ways.

Well her effort to get her brother wedded lands him in a difficult situation as Dua, the girl she chose her as her sister-in law (played by Armeena Khan) is in love with her class fellow (played by Ahmad Ali).

As her brother finds himself in trouble on his honeymoon, Arsala also plans to marry as she cannot see her brother’s love divided into two.

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On the other hand, Dua asks Zohaib to divorce him so she can marry the love of her life to which the humble guy agrees.

No matter what the circumstances are, Arsala never refuses to ask stupid questions, mimic people and irritate her brother.

A modern day girl,  Arij’s Arsala is funny, cute and a symbol of strength at the same time.

To know what the future has in store for Arsala and Zohaib, one must watch the drama on ARY Digital as it is aired on the channel every Thursday.





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