Monday, May 23, 2022

‘Army summoned’ to evacuate tourists from Murree after multiple deaths


RAWALPINDI: Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed announced to summon armed forces to evacuate tourists from Murree after at least 19 people have died at the tourist spot owing to continuous snowfall and closure of roads, ARY NEWS reported.

“There is a huge influx of tourists in Murree and Galyat areas and the administration despite multiple attempts remained unsuccessful in clearing the roads,” the interior minister said.

He further announced that civil and armed forces have been summoned to evacuate the tourists from Murree. “We have summoned five platoons of foot soldiers of Pakistan Army and also summoned FC and Rangers to clear the roads,” Sheikh Rasheed said.

He said that currently 1000 vehicles are being trapped on the roads leading to the tourist spot.

The interior minister further shared that only vehicles carrying relief goods and warm clothes are being allowed to go to Murree while efforts are also underway to shift trapped tourists to safe locations after some vehicles have been rescued while others were sent back by the authorities.

“Those traveling on foot are also not allowed to travel to Murree,” he said and added that it was for the first time in 20 years that a large number of people traveled to the tourist spot, causing a crisis.

Federal govt decides to shut roads leading to Murree

Yesterday, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed announced that the federal government took a decision to close all roads to Murree to curb the inflow of tourists.

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said that the decision for the closure of routes to Murree was taken in view of the heavy inflow of tourists who flocked to the hill resort for enjoying the snowfall.

The interior minister said that tourists will be diverted to the alternative routes from Murree.


Rasheed appealed to tourists not to head towards Murree and Galyat already packed with a large number of tourists staying in the hilly areas. He added that more than 100,000 vehicles have entered Murree and Galyat, causing a disruption in the traffic flow.

He said that Murree and Islamabad administrations are actively assisting the tourists there.


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